New ‘Step’

Well, it doesn’t need you to be a scientist or a developer to see that STEP is much behind from where it should be. It doesn’t yet support objects in contact.  If you create two objects touching each  other and try to begin the simulation – a stupid dialogue will appear  telling you – “there are collisions which cannot be resolved automatically, please remove that contact first”. If you cannot create contact , you are only left with few options – projectile motion under the effect of weight, simple collisions (which are assumed elastic, no option to control the coefficient of restitution), spring related stuff, and a little fun with charged particles. What I miss the most in STEP are the pulleys. They can really bring you options, just close your eyes and fit  as many of them any place you want. Would be real fun to watch where which  one goes.  Friction and pulleys alone will provide a lot of options to the user.

Another missing thing is the ability to change the frame of observation during simulation. Imagine you have a lot of projectiles flying around. Where is the fun in watching them standing on the ground. I want STEP to allow users to experience relative-motion. What will the projectiles look like if you yourself were one of those flying things. How great would that be!!….